Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do in Alvor, Portugal

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Alvor Bucket List: Best Places to Visit in Alvor, Portugal Alvor is a relaxing part of Portugal, filled with multiple beaches. What was once a fishing port has turned into one of the world’s most popular vacation spots. While this city has a calm atmosphere, it also has a vibrant ambiance with historical structures, restaurants, and bars. Here some of the things you can partake in during your visit: Spend the day in Praia de Alvor Praia de Alvor by Vitor Oliviera via Flickr CC
Praia de Alvor is one of Alvor’s best beaches. Praia de Alvor is situated in Alvor, around 0.6 miles from Prainha Beach. The beach is expansive that can accommodate a lot of visitors and tourists.
You can also rent sunbeds, shades, and equipment for water sports. There are also plenty of restaurants to eat in and spots where you can watch the sunset. Relax at Praia dos Três Irmãos Praia dos Tres Irmaos by Freebird via Flickr CC If you’re an introvert or in a relaxing mood, then Praia dos Tres Irmaos is the right spot; it is actually near Praia de Alvor. In fact, this corner of Portugal is not owned as it was only discovered by fishermen.
The waters are calm, and the beach becomes low tide in the morning. This is definitely the perfect place for a getaway from crowded places. Explore Praia do Submarino Praia do Submarino By Jose A. – Praia da Rocha (Portimao) (Portugal)Uploaded by tm, CC BY 2.0, CC
Praia Do Submarino is an adventurous beach location. Asides from the clear waters, what makes this beach stand out is the rocky structures with cliffs and caves.
This is also an interesting site for photographers as the lighting is changed by the sand and rocks. However, be careful of the rocks and underwater tides when you swim. Visit Castelo de Alvor Castelo de Alvor By RHaworth – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC
Castelo de Alvor was built by the Moors during the Islamic era in Portugal. This castle previously stood the test of time as significantly damaged by the war between Moors and Christians; however, the castle was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake.
To this day, only the foundations remain as the castle was converted into a children’s playground. Ride the Portuguese Sailing Boats Alvor Boat Trips photo via FB Page
If you’re not a person who tends to be seasick, then riding Portuguese sailing boats is highly recommended. This allows you to go beyond Alvor in seeing the natural gifts that Portugal has to offer.
One of the travel companies you can coordinate with is the Alvor Boat Trips. The company offers cave trips, dolphin watching, sunset cruises, and fishing trips. Walk Along the Alvor Boardwalk Alvor Boardwalk photo via A22 Property Management FB Page
The Alvor Boardwalk is a must-visit for nature lovers. Its main purpose is to allow people to explore the Alvor estuary, which has become an area for a wide variety of habitats such as water marshes, farmlands, sand dunes, and salt pans.
This wooden structure starts from a little harbor with fishermen huts to wetlands and shallow lagoons. During your journey, you will soon discover the sight of marine birds such as the Caspian Tern and Greater Flamingo. Visit Igreja Matriz de Alvor (Main Church of Alvor) Igreja matriz do Divino Salvador Alvor By RHaworth – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC
Known for its Manueline-style architecture, this church is a good blend of religion and local history.
The Main Church of Alvor was built in the 16th century with flora, fauna, and religious symbols. The church also contains images of war and conflict.
Another fascinating relic is an image known as “Lord Jesus,” found on the beach and was placed at the altar by local fishermen. Visit Igreja da Misericórdia de Alvor (Alvor Church of Mercy) Another fascinating church in the city is the Alvor Church of Mercy. This church was built in the mid-17th century. While the church is small, it has a large impact on people’s culture and heritage. Some of the beautiful things you can admire are the pulpits on the wall and the simple altar.
What makes this sanctuary stand out is the stained glass, which shows St. Isabel of Portugal, the church’s patron saint, changing bread into roses. Go on a Fishing Trip Fishing in Alvor Portugal
Since Alvor was previously a fishing town, it makes sense that fishing is part of the city’s culture. This means that there has always been an abundance of fishes in the nearby waters.

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